Media Articles

Dasatha Magazine Article – Halifax Temple Opening Ceremony

Date: January 2016 Issue

CBC NS News Article About Vesak

Date: 22nd May 2016

CBC NS News Article About Vesak

Date: 08th November 2016

CBC NL News Article about Vesak Celebration in St Jones, NL

Date: 19th June 2016

Dasatha News Article – Venerating to ‘2016-Halifax Kathina Cїvaraya’ in St Jones

Date: November 2016 issue

Venerating to ‘2016-Halifax Kathina Cїvaraya’ (කඨින සිව්ර, กฐิน ) at Newfoundland. ‘Kathina’ is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa: the three-month rainy season retreat for Theravada Buddhist monastics. In this festival laity offer a specific robe to monks called ‘Kathina Civaraya’ and it is considered to be the most unimpressed meritorious deed (Kamawacara Kusala) in the Theravada tradition.

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